“How to logo” part 1

Our first step in the logo design process is to understand what the brand embodies and what the client’s business goals are.

The logo is only as good as its representation of a business, so it won’t be effective unless we know what kind of impression the brand is aiming for.

The next step in our logo design process is to research what kind of logos competitors and industry leaders have.

We also need to consider the logo’s shape and how it fits its surroundings. For example, if the client wants his logo on large billboards, you can design more detailed, larger-scale logos. If it’s going to be situated in the corner of a mobile app, then we opt for simplicity and smaller scales. If social media will play a heavy role, the logo should sit comfortably in both circular and square avatars and be adaptable to larger cover images.

Even if the client already have some logo ideas, we usually take some time to sketch some other ideas. Sketching is cheap, easy and fast, but most importantly, it’s an effective brainstorming tool. get the creative juices flowing. But more to the point, sketching a wide variety of concepts lets us see what works well and what doesn’t.

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