“How to logo” part 2

In the previous article, we describe how we are starting with the logo design process.

By now, we have a messy piece of logo sketches as well as a good understanding of what we want for a logo to look like. Of those sketches, we take around 3 of our best ones and recreate them in our design software, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

This is where our final logo really starts taking shape. Once we have a nice good looking draft, we can go the extra step to create a presentation to showcase our logo.

This involves presenting the flat logo along with any variations, an overlay with brand imagery, and mockups of the logo out in the real world, or on the real package.

You could say that great design takes talent, but you can never know for sure what that means or whether you have it. What you can say for sure is that great logos do not happen by accident. They are the result of critical thinking, interrogating, collaborating, exploring, failing and starting again.

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